Jack Bruce

ex-marine and likes to inflict pain

Jack held great respect for Blackbeard. he is a Spanish marine turned pirate, and loves a good murder.

Race: Spanish

Class: Crewman


Jack’s story starts when he was 16. Jack grew up on a wheat farm with his mother and father, but Jack had always hated the farm, probably because his father was abusive and his mother did nothing to help, Jack dreamed of leaving the farm and joining the navy to fight pirates on the open sea, he didn’t really care that the pirates were “evil” or needed to be stopped, he just wanted to get away from his abusive family and have an adventure. One day he told his parents he was leaving to join the navy, Jacks father was very against the idea and kept going on about who was going to work the farm if Jack left. Jack told his father the farm could burn for all he cares and Jack turned to leave, but his father grabbed his shoulder, spun jack around and punched him in the face. Jack fell to the floor holding his face in pain, he felt a rage he had never felt before, like after all the years of beatings his anger had finally reached a tipping point, jack got up and tackled his father to the ground and punched him in the face, but it wasn’t enough, so he kept hitting his father until he was just a dead and bloody pulp on the floor, jacks mother grabbed a plate and brought it down on jack’s head, bleeding and enraged jack knocked the plate out of his mothers hands and then pushed his mother to the ground and strangled her to death, for the first time in his life, jack felt free. After recovering Jack buried his dead parents, feeling no regret in what he’d done. Finally free of his parents, he set out to join the marines.

To become a marine jack got on a boat to the navy’s HQ so he could enlist in the marines, due to bad weather the trip took a little longer than expected and jack arrived there after 2 years. After that Jack enlisted and spent the next 4 years training. During training Jack found he favored firearms over swords, though he was planning use both. He also found out he enjoyed inflicting pain a little more than others as well. Now, at 22, Jack was a fully fledged marine. He served in the navy for less than a year when his crew was virtually wiped out by Blackbeard in a battle between jacks crew and Blackbeard’s crew, after the battle only Jack and 2 others, Carter and Wayne were left, surrounded by Blackbeard and his men. Blackbeard laughed and said “if one of you kills the other two, i’ll let you join my crew”, Cater confidently says “as if we’d kill each other” “Yeah, we’re not like you, pirate scum” Wayne added. Then a sword suddenly came out of Carters chest, Wayne turned around and found Jack pointing his gun at his face, “boom” says Jack, as Wayne fell to the floor, smoke escaping from the barrel of Jacks gun. A smile spreads across Blackbeard’s face, “Welcome to Queen Annes Revenge” he laughs, “what’s your name”,he replies “it’s Jack sir, Jack Bruce”.

Jack Bruce

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