Tag: Tradeship


  • Argosy

    The argosy is a large tradeship that requires a crew of 25 sailors, and has a maximum capacity of 40 crew. It has no guns, and is a weaker vessel. Speed: 5 Health: 50 Guns: 0 Min Crew: 25 Max Crew: 40 Boats: 3 Capacity: 1800lbs

  • Balener

    The Balener is a medium sized Tradeship commonly armed with harpoon guns for whaling. Speed: 7 Health: 45 Guns: 2 harpoon guns Min Crew: 10 Max Crew: 20 Boats: 3 Capacity: 700lbs

  • Bilander

    The Bilander is a rather small Tradeship used by merchants for short distance trades Speed: 6 Health: 40 Guns: 0 Min Crew: 5 Max Crew: 15 Boats: 2 Capacity: 500lbs

  • Fluyt

    A medium to large sized Dutch sailing vessel designed for trading goods over reasonable distances. Speed: 7 Health: 55 Guns: 4 cannons Min Crew: 15 Max Crew: 25 Boats: 3 Capacity: 800lbs