Tag: Warship


  • Brig

    The Brig is a small and manoeuvrable Warship commonly used in patrol fleets by both the Spanish and British Navies. Speed: 9 Health: 70 Guns: 20 cannons Min Crew: 40 Max Crew: 100 Boats: 4 Capacity: 2000lbs

  • Galleon

    The Galleon is a Large Cargo ship and Warship. it combines the speed and manoeuvrability of smaller ships with the size and strength of the larger vessels. Speed: 8 Health: 80 Guns: 30 Cannons Min Crew: 50 Max Crew: 100 Boats: 5 Capacity: 2300lbs

  • Frigate

    The frigate is a large Warship built for speed. It is used for the transport of High ranking officials and royalty, along with being used in Naval patrol by the British navy. Speed: 8 Health: 90 Guns: 40 Min Crew: 50 Max Crew: 100 Boats: 5 …

  • Man O' War

    The Man O' War is a huge ship used by the British and Spanish navy. It has insane firepower, health and crew capacity, all in expense of it's speed. Speed: 7 Health: 100 Guns: 60 cannons, Mortar Min Crew: 100 Max Crew: 200 Boats: 7 Capacity: …