Curses and Blessings

This page contains a list of known curses.

Curses remain until they are broken.
Methods of breaking spells include:
Killing the caster
Receiving a blessing of purity
Waiting for it to wear off

Mutative Curses
Zombiism: Basic enslavement curse. The target is a mindless slave to the caster
Vampirism: The target is cursed with a thirst for blood and extreme bodily endurance.
Sirenform: The target is turned into a siren

Obedience Curses
Curse of Davy Jones: The target can never set foot on land unless the curse is broken.
Crewman’s Curse: The target is convinced to do the caster’s bidding.

Family Curses
can be used as complications…
Star Crossed: When the dice rolls below 10 the number is given a further -4
Damned Descent: Blessings cannot last longer than a week


Blessings remain until an act of uncleanness is performed.
Unclean acts include:
Use of Magical arts

Purity: Breaks all curses
Luck: +4 in all rolls
Paladin: Increased ability to slay magic users and cursed souls
Bishop: Ability to grant the blessings of Purity and Priest
Priest: Ability to grant the blessings Paladin and Bishop
Elder: Ability to grant the blessing of Luck

Curses and Blessings

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